Our name suggests something very different, doesn't it? Yes, these would be us two friends who are very different at first, but something holds them together, we believe that opposites attract each other. But we are not so different, we only see things from different perspectives but that’s also the reason for completing each other. One thing is in common for sure: the goal!

The main idea

Everyone is blogging and vlogging why shouldn't we do this?
But why would we do it the same way?
The idea sounds attractive to many, making money for fun, sound catchy right?

The problem with most of the people is that the dollar signs immediately shine in their eyes when they hear these words. Sounds good, but let's face it, in whatever you put quality and energy, you need to exert a force that will pay off in the right way!

But this is not why we started because quality content takes time and it may not pay off, but if you consider it as a hobby there is nothing to pay off!

Our goal is to help as many people as possible in all areas of life, to give value and knowledge to our followers, and to develop and to be developed!

Our first series will be about studying in Austria- of course only one of us lives out there, so there is something to compare!

You can find more content on the topic of health with recipe ideas, and other tips.

We are planning to share personal experiences on any current topic.

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