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Now that I have found the university, I looked at the admission requirements and got into contact with some students studying there to ask their opinion about the university. The method was simple; I typed the name of the university on Facebook's search engine and contacted mostly Hungarian students and approached them with a nice letter. They were all kind and very helpful. I received a lot of support and advice regarding the application process.

At the end of January 2018, I submitted my application for Tourism and Leisure Management online, followed by oral recruitment at the beginning of March, which could also be done online via Skype, cool right? I was at the university on the Open day before, so I didn't have to go twice in a row!

Application process

The application must be submitted on the university's website. You will need to provide general information and then to choose which the program you want to apply for, in which language whether in full or part-time (depends on the faculty if they are available in both languages ​​or German only). In my case, tourism starts in both languages, full- and part-time as well.

They also require a cover letter for what you get the questions in advance, so it's rather about answering them (but it's an important part of the recruitment)

If you are done with all of the above they will offer you a date for oral recruitment and you can choose whether you want it in person or online!

Admission process

My interview was relatively late because my admissions teacher, unfortunately, had a ski accident (luckily he's been fine since then) so I was able to talk to another teacher in early March via Skype. I had to introduce myself in a 15-minute interview and then to present a topic (which I could pre-select and prepare for a few weeks before the oral session).

After that, I got a few personal questions. At the end of the interview, I got positive feedback on my presentation and they told me I have good chances and they will contact me as soon as possible with an official decision.

I find it important to get feedback like this because in an interview situation people tend to be stressful and it's kind of calming when you get any feedback on your performance. Not to mention, the very nice atmosphere.

In the next part, you will find out why I chose this university.

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