Got accepted -Should I stay or should I go?

At the end of March, I got an email that I was accepted! I had mixed feelings as I wasn't sure if I wanted to go abroad, but I knew this is a great opportunity! (By the way, everyone said I have to use this opportunity, what I knew inside but it is not easy to make such a big decision).

In any case, I still had the time to think, as the contract had to be concluded later. Otherwise, I also applied to Hungary for Tourism in English (at BGE university). I was pretty sure that I won't reach the desired limit to study financed by the government, so I considered the programs with study fees (In Hungary we have a system if you don't reach specific requirements you have to pay study fees and they are high).

Until June I wasn't even sure if I will go or not.

My mind said GO!

When I looked at this chance realistically, I had to admit that the best decision is to go. The following things supported my decision; quality of education, foreign degree, international relations, and, surprisingly, money! Yes, I say that it's surprising because many people thought it would be very expensive for me. But in Austria, most universities are free, my university has tuition fees but still much cheaper than in Hungary. When I enrolled in 2018, the BGE in Tourism had a tuition fee of around 1300 euros. (IMC around 360).

My heart suggested to stay:

When I first came up with the idea of ​​studying abroad my parents were against the idea and didn't take it seriously because sometimes I just said big things but didn't act. Of course, when I got accepted to university, we started to talk more seriously about it, and despite all its difficulties, they came to the conclusion I should go! I was happy that my parents agreed on it. But my inner self still didn't want to leave its home and family.

And if that wasn't enough, like every romantic movie, I have my own love story.

What about my boyfriend?

I had a series of questions; Should I take him with me? Be in a long-distance relationship? Would it work at all? Or is it simply about our destinies that don’t have the same path? - Well, I didn’t really consider the last question just my environment suggested it a little implicitly.

But fortunately, fate decided, and after a long brainstorming, it turned out that we will go together! I think at that point I decided to go! I knew it's not gonna be easy, especially not for me, who loved being at home so much, but somehow I needed it to grow up and be more independent and be prepared for the "big" life. There were a lot of things ahead. But I overcame the obstacles. Well, with more or less success but it doesn't matter. Special thanks to my family and of course, to my boyfriend, who supported me from the very beginning, because at that time I was lost enough to do all the administration stuff alone. He helped a lot despite he also had to reorganize his whole life. Thanks, bae.

In the next post, you will find a lot of useful information about accommodation and I'll share my experiences as well as some useful sites to follow.

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