április 14, 2020
Everything about finding accommodation

This article will be about dormitories and apartments in Krems. I’ll give you tips on where to look and at what prices you can find alternatives. I will also share some personal experiences and opinions. Now that I've been accepted and we've decided to go there's only one important thing left: to find accommodation. You […]

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február 14, 2020
IMC - University of Applied Sciences

Now that I have found the university, I looked at the admission requirements and got into contact with some students studying there to ask their opinion about the university. The method was simple; I typed the name of the university on Facebook's search engine and contacted mostly Hungarian students and approached them with a nice […]

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február 2, 2020
Bumpy road to University

Nothing is impossible! Studying abroad was a very "last minute" idea for me because before that I didn't even know what I want to study. During one of my visits to Vienna, I got the idea of studying in a foreign university but still close to my home country. The problem started when I was […]

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